Bricks know more about zebras than men know about women – this wisdom by Walput, the cook of the little family hotel, could be immediately signed by 13-year-old Kos. His sisters are difficult to handle and he himself is not able to tell his crush Isabel how much he likes her. But then his father has a heart attack and Kos’ life is turned upside down. Alone among his sisters, he needs female intuition to ensure that their lives do not go out of hand.

HOTEL THE BIG L starts at 21 June 2018 under drei-freunde Filmverleih in German cinemas. Neue Visionen Filmverleih overtakes distribution.

With HOTEL THE BIG L, Dutch director Ineke Houtman (“The Indian”) presents a warm-hearted, funny and turbulent family film, in which a young, football enthusiastic teenage boy, who has to stand up to his three sisters and who has to cope with the tribulations of first love, learns a lot about the female sex. In 2017, main actor Julian Ras received the award for “Bester Kinderdarsteller” at Schlingel – Internationales Filmfestival für Kinder und junges Publikum Chemnitz for his role as Kos. The script is by Sjoerd Kuyper (TV movie “De rode Zwaan”). Jorge González (TV jury member of RTL show “Let’s Dance”) is seen in a cameo as the president of the Miss-Beach-Contest jury.

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