The movie trailer house GOOD HANDS got two nominations for Golden Trailer Awards.

After the award nomination at the Golden Trailer Awards in 2013 for the poster of DOMESTIC (a movie directed by Adrian Sitaru, producer: 4 Proof Film) in the Most Original Poster category, Romanian trailer house GOOD HANDS is running for two awards this year: Most Original Poster and Best Foreign Poster, both nominations received for the poster of Roxanne (a movie directed by Vali Hotea, producer: Hi Film), which was released in Romania in October 2013. GOOD HANDS is the only European trailer house (outside UK) nominated for two consecutive times.

Golden Trailer Awards is the most prestigious competition of film marketing, equivalent to the Oscars. In the last years, Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, Pedro Almodovar, Benicio Del Toro, Ben Stiller, Eli Roth and Glenn Close were among the jury members. This year’s Gala will be held on May 30th in Los Angeles.

GOOD HANDS will create the materials for drei-freunde Filmverleih for the upcoming movie THE BACHELOR WEEKEND.


We’re happy to announce that the double nominated poster for Romanian drama “Roxanne” won the Best Foreign Poster Award.

Congratulations, GOOD HANDS!!!