Liverpool_HauptplakatTheatrical Release: 15 March 2012
DVD Release: 11 October 2012

Jo Idstad leads a troubled life: his overcautious mother gets on his nerves with her constant fear of something happening to him, classmate Tom Erik forces him to do his homework every day, and even his performance as football goalie is abysmal. The only joy in Jo’s life stems from the hunt for the rarest and most coveted of football trading cards: FC Liverpool’s goalkeeper. When one day the beautiful football enthusiast Mari walks into his class everything is suddenly forgotten. Yet how should he, the eternal loser who consequently runs from his problems, win her over? Jo needs a new strategy! So he decides to do everything he can to get the one trading card that will finally make him a winner – the one of The Liverpool Goalie.

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  • 61. Int. Filmfestspiele Berlin 2011
    Gläserner Bär Sektion Generation KPlus
  • 34. Int. LUCAS-Kinderfilmfestival 2011
    Don Quijote-Preis der int. Fachjury
  • 6. Marburger Kinder- & Jugendfilmfestival
    Final Cut der Kinder- und Jugendjury
  • 15. Kinderfilmfestival Montreal, 2011
    Grand Prix de Montréal der int. Jury
  • Zlín Film Festival 2011, 3 Preise,
    u. a. Golden Slipper (Bester Kinderfilm)
  • 21. Cinequest Film Festival San Jose, USA,
  • 28. Int. Kinder- und Jugendfestival, Malmö
    u. a. Bester Kinderfilm
  • BUSTER Kinderfilmfestival, Kopenhagen
    Bester Kinderfilm, Bester Kinderschauspieler