BachelorWeekend_PlakatTheatrical Release: 6 November 2014
DVD/ BluRay Release: 7 May 2015

Davin (Andrew Scott) is taken aback: Ruth (Amy Huberman) commissions him to plan a bachelor farewell for her husband-to-be Fionnan (Hugh O’Connor) and to invite her fearsome brother “The Machine” (Peter McDonald) to come along. Davin, though, loathes bachelor parties and can stomach “The Machine” even less. Fionnan isn’t crazy about spending a weekend in the rough Irish countryside with Davin, Simon (Brian Gleeson), Big Kevin and Little Kevin (Andrew Bennett and Michael Legge), either. Nevertheless, equipped with everything that is needed for such an outdoor adventure, the group of friends sets off, unsuspecting that “The Machine” will be the least of their worries.
It is the beginning of a trip that none of them is likely to forget.

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