Filmplakat Allein unter SchwesternTheatrical Release: 21. Juni 2018
DVD Release: 15 January 2019

After his father had to go into hospital due to a heart attack, the 12-year-old teenager Kos has to take over the management of the financially stricken family hotel. At the same time, a scout from Ajax Amsterdam announced a talent scouting at the next football training! However, Kos cannot count on his three sisters: Libbie has to study for university, Briek is rebellious towards everything and everyone and Pel is simply too young to help. In addition, she misses their deceased mother. To make matters worse, the hotel cook throws in the towel and a mean debt collector threatens to seize everything in the hotel that is not nailed down. The chaos is perfect! Only his school friend Isabel (Kos is secretly in love with her) supports him and tells him about the Miss-Beach-Contest. The winner of the contest receives 5.000 euro. This could be the solution of their financial problems! The siblings get together and decide that Briek participates in the contest. But after she sprains her ankle at the preliminary decision, only a charade helps to win the money: Kos has to sub for Briek! It is easier said than done to behave like a girl and soon Kos is in the danger to fly up in front of the famous jury president…

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  • Internationales Filmfestival für Kinder und junges Publikum (Schlingel) Chemnitz
    Bester Kinder-Darsteller