Theatrical Release: 7 September 2017
DVD Release: tba

Germany, two days before parliamentary election. In the popular talk show “Sechs gegen Neunzig”, the smart moderator Frederic Neunzig offers the candidates of the different parties to present their election programs for the very last time. As the voice of the people, Harald Müllbeier, boss of the tempting agency “Time for Talents”, is also part of the bout. While everybody fights in an heated debate for their positions, a woman rushes into the studio and takes the politicians and company boss hostage. Susanne Kleinke, a temporary worker who got just fired by Müllbeier and who lost her basis of existence, plots revenge. She threatens to blow up everyone if her claims will not be settled. She demands a complete dismantling of the Hartz legislation, unconditional basic income for everyone and a proper punishment for her ex-chief. The situation escalates quickly…

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